Title: Salon owner/ senior Stylist

Licensed Since: 1996

Specialty: Color/ Cuts "I also love working with clients who need corrective cuts or have gone through chemo to help them grow their hair back into a style they'll love."

Mantra: "if not now then when"

Styling Tip:" Professional tools and products are a must! If you want to achieve results like you do in the salon, you must use what we are using."

Must have: UNITE U-Oil


Title: Senior Stylist

Licensed since: 2006

Specialty: Short precision haircuts/Curly hair

Mantra: "Over planning kills magic."

Styling tip: Keep your curly mane tamed by moisturizing your locks with conditioner. Never brush your dry curls!

Must have: Body texture spray by eleven aus. for messy, edgy locks.

Unite argan oil for silky smooth blow outs.


Title: Stylist

Licensed since: 2012 

Specialty: Color is my favorite and I love long hair

Must have: Shimmer Shine from Kevin Murphy & Dry shampoo

styling tip: even effortless looks need product and styling, embrace the hair you have and rock it!


Title: Stylist/ makeup artist

Licensed since: 2015

specialty: fashion color/creative color, balayage

mantra: just do the thing

styling tip: after styling, flip your head upside down and hairspray your waves, this gives a lil volume and longevity to your style.

must have: unite u-oil



Licensed since: 2015

Specialty: Blonds/ hair extensions


Styling tip: Come sit in my chair and i'll show you step by step!

Must have: kevin murphy dry shampoo, smooth again, and bedroom hair.


title: stylist/ makeup artist, 


licensed since: 2018


specialty: fashion color, blondes, mens cuts

mantra: "treat Yo'self!"

styling tip: creating product "cocktails" ensures hairstyle longevity

must have: all of the amazing stylists who I call family here at liquid hair studio!


Title: stylist

licensed since: 2014

specialty: balayage, corrective colOR, EXTENSIONS

mantra: nothing worth having comes easy

styling tip: use the temp. control setting on your irons to ensure minimal damage.

must have: a good deep conditioning masque!

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